Words that are easily confused

You will read words "DNA" well.
In, can you explain the difference between "gene" and "DNA"?
Moreover well people confuse to "genome" and "chromosome".
It is causing the genetic, that is majority recognition.

Words that are easily confused

"DNA" is a substance that is logging the genetic information.
Serves as an intermediary to retain the information, it can be said to be the body of the gene.
Frequently, the term "blueprint of life" is used. because All necessary information is clogged to make this organism DNA.

The term "chromosome" is a substance composed of histones and DNA.
Usually, by twining around the histone, DNA is collapsed.
Since DNA is a substance very long, to fit in the cell is forced to do so.
From well-stained with a dye that, it is called "chromosomes".

"Gene" which is meant the location that has been recorded on the DNA, how to make a protein. It also called "exons."
In fact, all of the DNA is not being written for proteins, Remains about 1.5% of the total information is part of the "gene".
DNA is the information required when work the rest is written.

"Genome" is one set of genetic information necessary for biological.
Refers to the whole genome of an organism blueprint. It is not limited to the information of the protein.
It is expressed as "all the genetic information" in Japanese.

If you compare a book to the information that is written to the biological, "DNA" is ink, "Gene" is touching the protein portion in what is written, Represent the entire contents of "genome" is written.

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