Replication origin

DNA replication is DNA double-strand as a template of the current and it is working to be synthesized of new DNA double strand.
The results, Two DNA double strand having the same contents (Base sequence) is made.

The wto chain configure of DNA is usually connected by bonds of a base.
However coupling is disengaged when replication and DNA dissociates to single strand.
このThis each of the DNA chain which became in a single stranded state which will become mold to make the new DNA strand.

And a part (nucleotide) of new DNA performs complementarity combination to a base equalling DNA single strand, and two double strand of DNA is finally completed.

In this way, two DNA chain of wto produced by the replication is constructed both“The DNA chain which became the mold for reproductions”and“The DNA chain which was composed newly.
Each double-stranded DNA has the original one by one DNA strand and it is called Semi-conservative replication.

By the way, would begin from which part of the DNA replication?
It will be replicated in order from the end of the strand DNA, won't it?

The answer is NO.
The replication is impossible not from the decided position of DNA.

Starting position of the replication is called origin of replication and there are many origins of replication in DNA of eukaryotic cells.
That is, the case of the DNA of eukaryotic cells, replication is initiated from multiple locations at once.

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