Replication of prokaryote

Also prokaryotic DNA replication, leave briefly.

However, it must be kept pressed down one before.
It is,DNA that has been put away in (prokaryotic cell) prokaryotic cells such as bacteria, it is that eukaryotic DNA (eukaryotic cells) that are different in shape.
DNA of eukaryotic cells, although the form of yarn as linear, but DNA annular prokaryotic cells, that is then in the form of a ring are distorted.

For example, DNA of Escherichia coli is ringed, and only one place of reproduction starting point that is a start position of the replication of DNA exists.
The reproduction of DNA begins in this reproduction starting point, and replication advances with each DNA chain, and two cyclic DNA is finally completed.
By the way, DNA of Escherichia coli is approximately 1.4mm, but it takes approximately 40 minutes to the reproduction of this early.

In addition, in the case of a prokaryote, I have characteristic that DNA is reproduced during the cell division without cease.
A period of the cell division does not have distinction such as the interphase and the DNA composition period.

Besides, It can start the next replication of DNA before one replication of DNA is finished.

In addition, DNA called "plasmid DNA" existing outside a chromosome has an annular shape other than DNA constituting the chromosome of the prokaryotic cell if I supplement it about cyclic DNA.
It is wide, and plasmid DNA is utilized with the characteristic that I can multiply regardless of synthesis of cell division and chromosome DNA autonomously in the genetically-modified spot.

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