The problems of genetic testing

The examination by genetic testing is different from the current one.
Therefore it is happened the problems which no one had ever thought before.
In this page, we show some examples.

The result is effective while you live

Human's genome never change as long as living.
So it is useful, once you take the test.
On the other hand, it is the most important personal information.
For this reason, we can't be too careful to use it.
Of course, sometimes it happens that the progress of genetics changes the reading of it.

It's able to know the diseases before appearing

So far medical test couldn't do that, too.
It is necessary to explain details, are such as it has how high risks, in addition to current care.
Moreover, the illness might been found, there are no treatment now.

It's not only testee's result

Not only individual problems The result is important not only for testee, but also for blood related such as parents and children, brothers, sisters.
Information of blood related would often be used to judge the ill, however, especially DNA testing pays attention to it.
Then, testee has to be explained enough before taking the genetic tests and treatment should be based on his own decision.
→Informed consent

Genetic testing involve the emotional, social, or financial consequences of the test results.
→Career choice problems
→Health insurance problems

Therefore, there are a lot of new type problems.
Yet the test on the point from genome is very useful.
We have to think how to go with it.

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