The problem of ES cells

ES cells have the ethical problem of killing eggs that should grow as man, since ES cells are made using inner cell masses.

Commonly, the materials of ES cells are the fertilized ovum which is often extracted for infertility treatment which would otherwise be unnecessary and be discarded by the body.
Even if it will be discarded, there is the view that ES cells which are made from destroyed eggs ignore the human rights of the fertilized eggs.

Some countries cut off the budget for ES cell research, or some ban the study altogether.
Therefore, we fell into the situation where research of ES cells must be given up.

In fact, the United States executed policies which cut off the budget for the research of ES cells from an ethical viewpoint in 2001.

Besides, research of ES cells needs a large quantity of ova.
Accordingly, matters such as the offering of the ova from female coworkers and the purchasing/selling of ova occured in Korea.

The ES cells have various problems besides ethical problems.

The ES cells which are made from internal cell masses have the risk of being rejected in medical treatments too, since the genes differs from the transplant patient's.

Consequently, research of the iPS cells is a new possibility, which can solve ethical problem and avoid the risks in medical treatment.

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