Cancer is that the population of cells that are no longer able to inhibit cell proliferation by mutated genes.


There is a special gene plays an important role in cell proliferation in the genome of an organism.
When that gene mutations, cell proliferation is a runaway, become cancer.
Genes involved in cancer are listed in the following three types.

@ Oncogenes
"Oncogenes" indicates a protein that normally promote cell proliferation.
This gene is very important for the generation and growth, and repair of the body.
But I will not be able to suppress the growth signal change to occur in this gene.

A Tumor suppressor genes
"Tumor suppressor gene" has a role to suppress cell proliferation as needed.
However, mutations in this gene also occurs, I will not be able to inhibit cell proliferation.

B DNA mismatch repair genes
"DNA mismatch repair genes", produces a protein that find and fix the errors that appear during replication DNA.
If an error occurs in this gene, the various errors that they slipped into the genome.
Most of the time, this error does not cause much impact, if the change would occur "or oncogene" If the "tumor suppressor gene", the much higher risk of developing cancer.


The mutated gene, cancer symptoms vary.
Mutated cells continue to grow, I hurt the surrounding tissue.
And enters the lymphatic system and the circulatory system, around the whole body, we transferred to another organization.


You can remove the tumor by surgery, such as radiation and chemotherapy have big side effects.
In some cases, and have a certain gene, the effect of the therapeutic agent out easily.

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