Cellular and differentiation

When the eggs of animals are fertilized, it repeat active cell division and creates an embryo and eventually make the form of the animal after producins enough cells. Of course, We human beings are no exception.
We are made from one fertilized egg.In other words, we are made from one cell. That's why, a cell called a fertilized ovum changes form into our internal organs and skin, bones, and so on due to, repeated division.

Prospective fate and faculty of differentiation

In this way, repeated division and changing to various different cells is called "differentiation".

In addition, the faculty which can differentiate all cells, and can create complete individuals from one cell, is called "Totipotency".
We can assert that fertilized eggs have totipotency, because complete individuals are created from one fertilized egg.

However, a cell does not have totipotency forever.
As division progresses the cell's fate is determined.
That fate is called "Prospective fate".

If totipotent cells with differentiated freely, the body becomes a lump of meat mixed with soppy and internal organs and muscles and bones..
Such lump of flesh is called "Teratoma".

However, a human body has cells controlling it, and the cells decide the prospective fate of each cell. Therefore, human beings can form the uniformed form we currently have.

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