Coding region and untranslated region

If you think a code of DNA to be a sentence written by 64 words (codon), it can be said that the gene to a sentence of one one constituting the sentence.

However, The sentence of DNA is written in the form that many sentences led to without a break.
Therefore, so that information is read definitely, an origin and a end of one sentence must become clear.

It is a codon to mean the reading beginning and the reading end, what show the origin and terminal.
Reading beginning is shown codon same as meaning methionine, it called "Start codon".
There are three kinds of codons indicating one reading end, they called "Stop codon".

In other words, the base sequence to a codon from a start codon from beginning to end it is an amino acid sequence of one kin of protein (= coading squence).

Exactly speaking, the special base sequence called "the regulatory sequence" exists in front and behind a coading squence. The information put away to DNA is really used after it was copied by RNA. It is a regulatory sequence to play a role to control a start and stop of this transcription work.

In addition, Before the start codon, The special base sequence (ribosome-binding sequence) for a start codon to be read definitely exists.

In other words it may be said that the regulatory sequence is a function to record a way of the reproduction.
And and a coading squence exists in form supporting each button.

In addition, there is not the coading squence meaning an amino acid in a regulatory sequence.


When the reaction that mRNA should become the mold of DNA is caused, it begins by at first a material called RNA polymerase II being connected on the genetic part called the promoter.
And I demand farther than the promoter called the enhancer a reaction of RNA polymerase II from a part in the distance in what a lump of the protein called the activator composes before the reaction is caused.

In other words a genetic function about the proteosynthesis is confirmed on a part in front in the current study more than a start codon.

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