Base becomes the pair with the partner who was selected, in double strand, and base sequence is complementary, in double strand, too.
Each of A and T, G and C, is pair.
In other words, when there is A in the chain, there is B in another chain. In the same way, there is C in the chain, there is G in another chain.

They are connected in between a base and the base of A and T, G and C. It is called "Hydrogen bonding".

Hydro combine is weaker than other combines such as base and pentose, pentose and phosphate group. In high temperature, by strongly alkaline, by some proteins, sometimes it is divided. Cut the hydro combine of DNA chain, two chains become one by one.

It is a very important matter in talking about DNA.
DNA is a factor to take double-helix structure, and the property of some DNA comes from this.
A genetic information is followed more strongly by this complementarity combination.

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