Cystic fibrosis

With cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease is more common in people from Northern Europe.


This disease is inherited as a recessive trait.
Because it is also a disease that can predict if there is a mutation in a particular gene, it is called a single genetic disease, genetic disease and Mendel.
Causing mutation has several, in some cases some symptoms is reduced.


Cystic fibrosis cause adverse effects in many organs in the body.
Comes from the place where the pancreas, and fiber can be wound cysts origin of the name of this disease.
Because the adverse effect on the pancreas, it can not be the secretion of digestive enzymes.
Digestive enzymes must come out, we will not be able to absorb nutrients even to eat.
In some cases, bowel is involved.
Therefore, also intestinal surgery shortly after birth.

When a man is suffering from this disease, it was allowed to be infertile.
However, the most important thing is that the lung is doing.
Viscous secretions may accumulate in the lungs, many times suffering from infectious diseases, lung tissue is broken, leading to death.

Moreover, it is generally higher than the concentration of chloride contained in the sweat of people suffering from cystic fibrosis.
High sweat chloride concentration comes out, because there is a problem with the transport of salt and water.
And affects the lungs and intestines, pancreatic duct is also the problem.
Therefore, I will determine whether cystic fibrosis at a concentration of chloride contained in sweat.


Enzyme therapy spray that breaks down chest physiotherapy to the removal of secretions capsules and pancreatic enzymes, the viscosity of the lung in order to improve the malnutrition, administration of antibiotics, the DNA viscosity of viscous secretion in the lungs, clear the airway such as salt spray that helps to. There is also a hand that double lung transplant surgery.

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