Diabetes mellitus

It is said the days of plenty, diabetics are being increased every year.

Causes and symptoms

Working of each kinds cells Diabetes mellitus is a disease if you were so, you would have high blood suger.
The blood suger is necessary to live, however too much suger make you bad conditions.

For example, you will get Complications of diabetes mellitus such as Diabetic retinopathy if you leave it as it is long time.
Usually, excessive sugar is saved as the fat or in the liver.
If there is too much sugar, it is decreased by the insulin producing the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas normally.
However some people cannot make enough insulin by the cause of their gene or bad life habit, their aging.
It is called "Type 1 diabetes", the diseases are caused by the gene like former.
Also it is called "Type 2 diabetes" by most common causes.

The pancreas can repair itself scarcely.
It is said that if the cells of the islets of Langerhans are knocked down once, it is difficult to get well naturally.

Then, it is expected the iPS cells activities.
If only we could make the cells producing insulin, the diseases would be better.
In fact, there are some examples that they could make ES cells be it.


Both of disease types need moderate exercises and proper meals.
Especially, Type 1 diabetes never becomes better without insulin injection.
You can take such treatment using some medicines, but it's not perfect.
There is the risk that decreased the sugar blood level by the medicine is more decreased by exercise, and you become the Hypoglycemia.
Since, it is difficult to do routinely.

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