DNA has a task to make the proteins for the activity of the creatures.
The recipe of the life is written down on DNA, and the proteions are made through copying and translating it.

Then, think about it...
Each human's cells work as various shapes for various roles.
As you know, the cells have a lot of kinds, for example skins, each organs, nerves, and muscles.
Why can DNA make many kinds cells by same recipe?
This is the subject of the epigenetics.
According to the idea, "central dogma", the DNA's action depends on the sequence of genome through copying and translating unilaterally so far.
Of course, it happens that the character is changed by changing the sequence, however, does so without changing it also.
Epigenetics researchs the control of undefined by DNA like this.
The various cells, as I mentioned, are explained by epigenetics.

Let' learn representative actions of epigenetics.
→Changing of histone
→Cellular and differentiation

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