Eugenics is a thought it is good for human being to make outstanding posterity by improving them.
In early 20th-century, the idea was accepted by people and politicians in the USA, the UK, Germany, and so on.
However, some of them were too extreme, especially, it is famous T4 Euthanasia Program and a doctrine called anti-Semitism by Nazi Germany.
We can find our genetic diseases by DAN test, so it is afraid it leads such idea.
Prenatal diagnosis and Designer baby are part of it.

Let's mention the problem.
For exmaple, the border of normal and abnormal.
We cannot tell out it without the culture.
In Japan, it is major the earwax is dry, but it is major the earwax is wet globally.
So, we can't say the gene is superior to the others.
It is thought to be extinct genes for not major and to lose the kinds of gene.

Moreover, the process is problem too.
Sometimes eugenics is said with Nazism, it is compared to Slippy slope then.
Slippy slope stands for nonstop if it starts once.

We should think over new information, the gene.

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