How do genes work?

So, first, Let's find out works and function of genes in vivo.

First, I will describe the function of the gene.
In the gene, Information for making the proteins are stored.
It is a material to make the cells, It plays the most important role on active cells.

For this reason, produces a difference in the structure and function of living things when structure and composition of the gene changed.

Have you ever heard the term "mutation"?
By suddenly changing the structure of the gene, this means that the protein can differ from the usual.

For example, the color of the skin is very thin, "albinism" turn red is the typical example of eye color.

What is the material of the gene?

So, What is the material of genes?
DNA(Deoxyribonucleic acid) is a material of a gene. You've heard this word, haven't you?

So, What is the difference between genes and DNA?
DNA is a chemical substance that makes up a gene, it was the body of the gene.

Further, DNA that make up the gene is made from a lot of biological material called nucleotides.

In other words, gathered a lot of those nucleotides is DNA, in this part of the long DNA, is there a part that is called a gene region.

DNA is as like library which store all the information required about Make up the cells of the organism and the composition formula.
This information is transmitted from parent to child beyond generations.

It is said that Information is transmitted, However, it is not accurate to be said to that transmitted from parent to child.
To be precise, since the DNA is transmitted from parents to children, gene located on the DNA is transmitted from parent to child.
It is called "Gene is encoded on the DNA" about that gene located on the DNA.

What is the nucleotide?

We have understood the DNA is a collection of chemicals nucleotides.

Then, what is nucleotide?
In fact, there is a nucleotide of four types.
DNA and gene are made by only four kinds nucleotides.

Basically, all nucleotides's structure is same. They is constructed by "Phosphate group" and "Pentose" and "Base".
However, Only base is different in them, so there is four kinds nucleotides.

Adenine(A), Thymine(T), Guanine(G), Cytosine(C), they construct DNA.
Generally, there four nucleotides are written "ATGC" for short.

Have you ever seen genetic information is written "ATGGGCATTTAAA" at TV or movie?

DNA is sequence by 1 million pieces of "ATGC", all living things have own sequence.
This sequence of "ATGC" is named "Base sequence".
In other words, analyzing DNA sequence means analyze how base sequence construct on living things DNA.
And, information of base sequence is named genetic information.

Gene exist in a part of base sequence.
So, firstly we have to analyze sequence of DNA and get information of sequence of ATGC, for understanding question that"What kind of gene do we have?".
After that, we have to find a part of gene where have information.

Changing of gene structure means that sequence of "ATGC" turns into heterogeneous same of saying begining this Chapter.
It is the change that "the mutation" produces because rows of this "ATGC" are different.

In this way, information and the life activity as the straight seed are decided by a row of DNA sequence that is "ATGC".
Therefore "DNA may be expressed with blueprints of the life".

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