Gene medicine

To medical use gene, there are several types.
Genetic studies are useful in medicine in this way

Personalized medicine

You are also known as personalized medicine, personalized medicine.
Reads the gene, will tell you the size of the dosage of drugs and side effects of treatment that information.
Also, you can find out the disease and susceptibility, but also diseases that are inherited from the parent.
You can also help medical information, personal use as a material for the prevention.

Gene therapy

Is it good or bad? There is a gene that causes that is causing the illness.
Using a virus called the vector to the gene, I will give you a normal gene.
However, because the DNA to be repaired by the number of cells in the body of the organism, when used as a treatment is rare.

Genomic drug discovery

We say that reading the genome, and then use that information and materials to develop a therapeutic agent.
Low cost development became possible than before.

Regenerative medicine

Remove the part that caused the anomaly, I transplanted normal cells there.
It is to the same as the part of the cell is to divide and proliferate, eventually removed.
ES cells and iPS cells have been available for research.

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