Sex-linked genetic disease due to heredity is one in the number of births male 10000.


A sex-linked inheritance, genetic method is related to gender.
You develop the case of hemophilia, located in chromosome X, and there is an abnormality in the blood clotting factor.
In the case of women, does not develop if there is no abnormality in the X chromosome of both.
For men, since there is a single X chromosome, I develop if there is an abnormality in the X chromosome.
Therefore, I am likely to develop in men.
However, there is a genetic disease, also develop by mutation.


Abnormality occurs in the coagulation of the blood.
Bleeding is likely to occur in the intra-articular and intramuscular, if left untreated, cause deformation.
Also, when bleeding, even once hemostasis, bleeding may again after a week or day.


Method of injecting into the body the blood clotting factor missing is performed.

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