Usually, eukaryote's DNA is folded, and if opened to fit its needs.
"Histone", a protein, is necessary for the structure to fold and open.
There are 5 kinds histone, and it makes a "histone octamer" by combine two each, 4 kinds.

It is possible to shorten DNA by reeling in DNA on the histone octamer.

Also, it has a task controlling DNA to open or fold to fit its needs.

Histone has a structure like a tail, it is said "histone tail".
There are some places where methyl groups can connect.
If it connects there, it influences to the copying DNA.

For example, copying is restrained by methyl group connecting at some places.
On the other hand, copying becomes active by it doing at another places.

Thus, the phenomena on the histone influences to copy DNA.

It is researched that the rule of it.

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