Informed consent

"If doctor informed you that you have a disease still no cure..."

A testee explained the disease by a doctor People may know they have the diseases still no cure by genetic testing.
Medical science is so far from perfect, so it must happen.
The problem is influence on them to inform that.
People may feel depressed, anxious, angry, or guilty about their results.
There are some examples which testees killed themselves, because had known the results like that.

Most significantly, "the right not to know" and "the right to know" are guaranteed.
People must have the right to decide themselves whether to know or not to know.
The problem should be considered well not only by doctors but also by us.

It is thought that the medical decisions are left to doctors, so people could not take part in it in days gone by.
However, nowadays, patients join to the medical conference positively through the informed consent.
Informed consent is deciding the medical policy with the patient's will by doctor's explanation.
It is necessary to understand and to agree by their free will.
It can also be said "the right to know" and "the right not to know" are a part of them.

The opportunity is important, but some people say it makes doctor's burden.
We should be interested in the medical system and the medicine.

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