Health insurance

"Is there the discrimination against the genetic information , when you get the health insurance?"

If you have a gene, has the risk to get the sick, the insurance rate may be raised or may be refused to take out the insurance.
When we buy insurance, we must show our condition.
Otherwise, the contract is unfavourable to insurance companies are.
If you got insurance in spite of sick, it wouldn't be social problems to raise the rate or to refuse.

However, it is problem to think over the genetic information.
The genetic information shows just the probability, so we don't know whether it will appear or not.
There are a lot of people who have such gene but they didn't get the sick.

It makes less influence in the country adopting the medical insurance for the whole nation.
The medical insurance for the whole nation is the system the state has compulsory insurance.
Most developed countries adopt the system, but the USA don't do now(As of November 2012).
In the USA, people buy insurance from the insurance companies directly.
You think that is too risky, don't you?

It is prohibited by the law, "The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008", in the USA.
President Obama made approval of the law, The medical reform bills, in 2010.
So the trend is being reformed now, it needs some kind of measures in the developing country too.

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