This website focuses on the medical from genomic point of view.
We classified under three themes so that you understand easier.

DNA and protein

In "DNA and Protein", you can learn about the process of making the protein which is one of the DNA's tasks.
That's the reason why DNA is called "the blueprint of life", and the living things can't live without it.
You should read before reading other topics because it is the base of your understanding.

DNA replication

In "DNA Replication", you can learn about the process of copying DNA which is one of the DNA's tasks.
It's important role of handing down the genetic information.
You should read before reading other topics, too.

Applied genetics

In "Practical DNA", we collected the topics related to DNA.
You can learn about new technologies such as epigenetics, DNA chips.

+  Applied genetics

Gene medicine

In "Gene medicine", you can learn about the world of medical which is expanded by genetics.
The contents are such as what they are doing, and the problems.

iPS cells

In "iPS cells", you can learn about iPS cells, are being researched today.
How much do you know about iPS cells?
We'll show for example the features, the advantages, the purposes.

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