Premature senility

Premature senility is a rare disease to develop to one of 4 million people who is born.


Premature senility has some characteristic kinds.
A representative kind is "Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS)".
This disease is abnormality of the gene which designs the protein which keeps at ovoid the nucleus which is called LMN.

There is Werner Syndrome (WS) in same kinds case.
In the case of this disease,it is caused by abnormality of WRN.
This variation is always happenned with a apem.
In addition,there are many elderly father with a child with progeria.
The reason why sperm for the elderly are done more cell division and variation is easy to happen.


There are some kinds of the diseases, it is different one by one.
HGPS appears in childhood.
Its symptom is senile change quickly, for example, the growing height and wight late, appearing lines on skin, hair falling off.
However, developing mind is normal, so the progress of mind and body are difference.
Also, average life span is shorter than ordinary people's ones.

On the other hand, WS often appear in after coming of age.
The people who have WS are height and wight become low.
Average life span is 40〜50 years old because of malignant tumors,such as arteriosclerosis and cancer.


The treatments of HGPS and WS aren't had found still.
Treatments are being researched now.

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