Ribosome and protein

Then, let's study process of the proteosynthesis in ribosome.

When mRNA has been carried to the ribosome, at first, a regulatory sequence in the mRNA acts.
A ribosomal position is adjusted for the start position of the coading squence is read definitely.
In other words, regulatory sequence has role of saying "Here is a start position".

when mRNA comes to the right position, TRNA with anticodon "UAC" corresponding to start codon "AUG" in the battle of the coading squence performs complementarity combination.

Ribosome moves over mRNA successively to run on a rail and a codon of the mRNA reads it in turn and is produced.
Then the tRNA corresponding to each codon performs complementarity combination in a codon of the mRNA in sequence.
In addition, with it, each amino acid which tRNA carried is connected, and protein is made.

And, in the place where ribosome moved to the end of the coading squence, the chain of the amino acid is separated from ribosome.
It is completion of the protein in this.

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