Sickle-cell disease

Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disorder that is more common in areas where malaria is prevalent.


In Southeast Asia and Africa, malaria is prevalent.
Sickle cell is easy to dissolve, sickle cell malaria parasite is difficult to grow.
People who have inherited the sickle cell gene mutation has a high survival rate, they tend to leave offspring.
That's why many people have this gene in Southeast Asia and Africa.


Those who have a single gene, but this is okay, if you have two gene, you are repeated the attack with anemia, hemolysis, and severe pain.


Mainly to suppress seizures have been made.
During a seizure, a large amount of saline infusion, transfusion, administration of oxygen does.
In addition, a method is considered to be inserted into the bone marrow of patients with a normal hemoglobin gene.
However, it is likely to have hit the wall many times.

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