Personalized medicine

So far, the purpose of medical care is finding causes and developing treatments.
However, the weight of illnesses are different by each person, effects and side reactions are too.
Therefore, it was difficlut to make the proper treatment plan for each person.

The biotechnological development made genetic testing easier, enabled ordinary people to take it.
So, they can decide the cure, the kinds of medicine and dos, the treatment plan sutitable for an individual.
The method of medicine is called "Personalized medicine (tailor made medicine)".

There are some kinds of deseases are affected by a certain gene.
For example, breast cancer and ovarian cancer, diabetes mellitus are famouse for it.
In addition, mental disease and the obese possibility, Alzheimer are too.

Also, some diseases are depending on a certain gene.
Sickle-cell disease is a good illustration.
We can precaution and attention for them, by searching the mutation of ourthelves gene and taking the DNA testing.

Here, you can learn some illness arise from genes.
→Sickle-cell disease
→Cystic fibrosis
→Premature senility
→Diabetes mellitus

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