Then let's watch it about the RNA which plays an active part when a cell forms protein in detail.

At first let's examine the first role of the RNA, "transcription".

Let's explain it a little in detail. It is that RNA copies adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), four basic turns and length of thymine (T) "transcription".

The chain of DNA becomes the one set in two of them, but Only one of those is copied in the process of the transcription and has been already fixed which chain is copied by RNA. It is to make the stamp of the genetic information.
The chain which is not a chain with the base sequence with a meaning is copied as a genetic information.

Then let's really think about the case that the next DNA double strand is copied.
← DNA chain 1:Base sequence to have a meaning as a genetic information.
← DNA chain 2:Base sequence to become the mold of the genetic information.
Of course the mRNA must have base sequence same as DNA chain 1 so that mRNA made from these base sequence acts as a plan of the protein properly.

Therefore, in the case of the transcription, base sequence of DNA chain 2 which is the mold of the genetic information be copied complementarily,
The mRNA that bases form a line is made.

Because thymine (T) is replaced by uracil (U) with the RNA, it may be hard to understand it a little. However This should be able to understand that base sequence of DNA chain 1 refers to the same row.
In other words the mRNA which had a meaning as a genetic information became made by copying the chain which became the mold.
By the way, the mRNA which copied genetic base sequence is called "the sense RNA" concerning RNA with a meaning.

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