Then let's examine the second role of the RNA, "translation".

The mRNA which copied base sequence of DNA appears outside a nucleus and moves to ribosome.

With the ribosome, base sequence of the mRNA is read; of the base line up, and a necessary amino acid is coupled according to order, and composition of the protein is completed. The process when protein is made in information of these a series of flows namely mRNA by the cause is "translation".

The base sequence of DNA means a kind and the row of amino acids.Three rows of the base sequence decide one kind of amino acid in a group in that.The row of three bases to select the kind of the amino acid as is the code called "the codon".

In other words it is that a codon forming a line there is read in turn that base sequence of the RNA is read.

For example, it is said that "UACUCUCUUAGA" and a base equal mRNA. Even if a codon equals "UAC-UCU-CUU-AGA", this can say.
With the ribosome, it is performed "translation" by the way of connecting of amino acids that the row of such a codon is decided.

Information "which of 20 kinds of different amino acids I should be able to tie to with what kind of turn if I express it in other words to make objective protein" is recognized with ribosome what kind of turn the codons of what kind of contents form a line with, and tRNA carries a necessary amino acid according to it.

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